Krzysztof Lang

Film-Director-Krzysztof-LangKRZYSZTOF LANG – born 1950 in Warsaw. Graduated at Warsaw University – Faculty of Chemistry ( 1973 ) and Silesian University ( 1981 ) – Film & Television Faculty. During study his film were supervised by Krzysztof Kieslowski, who rekomended him to the film unit „X“ with Andrzej Wajda as an artistic leader. Film unit „X“ at this time was a leading production studio with young, promising directors like Agnieszka Holland and Marcel Lozinski among others. Krzysztof Lang directed his first feature film („Draw“ with Piotr Sobocinski as DOP ) in 1984. His film was the last production of the studio, which has been closed down because of the political reasons. Since 1982 Lang has collaborated with Warsaw Documentary Studio, where he directed his major documentaries:
1982 – Conversation’82, 1983 – Shadows, 1984 – Quite all right, 1986 – K2 (Grand Prix, Golden Camera at Graz ), 1988 – The trail – feature documentary (Silver Sesterce at Nyon). This film has been shown on RAI 2 in prime time program., 1994 – Warsaw Uprising 1944 – feature documentary. Film was shown on german ARTE in the program devoted to the WWII. Krzysztof Lang has also directed two docusoaps for polish state television – „True dogs “- the serie showing police work in extreme situations and „Clinique of miracles“ – serie about plastic surgery. Another tv serie is „History of the democratic oposition“. Both docusoaps achived very good rating. He directed several documentaries for foreign televisions – „The treasure of Incas“ for Terra X shown in ZDF, „Who is Mr Kukuczka“ for TF1 and others.

Krzysztof Lang has also directed feature films – 1991 PAPER MARRIAGE- anglo – polish coproduction, 1994 PROVOCATEUR, 2000 – QUITE ZONE, 2009 – LOVE ON CATWALK, 2010 – BREAKFEST AT BED. His television works are mainly series and tv theatres. „Prinz Homburg“ won Prix Italia for leading actor Gustaw Holoubek.
He directed over ten tv theatres, few with strong historical background.
Since 1982 Lang has directed over thirty documentaries. He is teaching at Film and TV Faculty at Silesian University. Has Phd degree.